Lightning appoint new Women’s SBL Head Coach

Lightning appoint new Women’s SBL Head Coach

It is with great excitement that both the Lakeside Management Team and the Lightning Selection Committee would like to announce that Steve Bezant, current Executive Recreation Manager at Lakeside, has been appointed the head coach of our Women’s SBL Team.

The selection committee carried out a comprehensive search locally, nationally, and, intentionally to find someone who we believed could fill this position along with the broader objectives of the Lightning program.

Steve has previously been an assistant coach of our men’s SBL team, along with coaching numerous WABL teams over the past ten years. Steve has been involved in coaching and sports administration for decades, formerly where he pioneered and set up the Swan View High school Basketball Academy, to more recently his leadership inside the Lightning program

Steve is passionate about coaching and loves to use sport as a tool to influence and shape the next generation in a positive way. He embodies what it means to be a Lakeside Coach, with enormous ability and competency in the three pillars of the Lightning Program, which are

  • Club Culture – where it’s more than a game.
  • The Development of the Whole Person.
  • Excellence in Basketball or Quality Basketball Outcomes.

While we know that Steve has big shoes to fill, in his predecessors Craig Mansfield, we are super excited about this appointment and the future of our women’s program. Steve will bring a relational and committed approach to his coaching; he is an incredible ambassador both on and off the court for the Lightning program.

On behalf of the Lakeside Management Team, we wish Steve and our Women’s SBL Team a successful 2020 season.

Anthony Palmieri
Senior Pastor
Lakeside Baptist Church