Christmas Blessing Quilt

Christmas Blessing Quilt

Throughout November and December join Lakeside in raising $10,000 to build roofs for two schools in Mozambique this Christmas.

Schools in the villages of Luelele and Lussanga, in NW Mozambique, lost their roofs and suffered severe storm damage in storms at the end of 2018. Both schools urgently need repair before the rainy season.

The Rainbow Threads Sewing Group who meet at Lakeside on a Friday have generously donated this quilt to be sold to raise money for the Christmas Blessing. The quilt measures approximately 1.6mx1.6m

How does it work?

People can bid for the quilt through our online portal. The value of the highest bid will be displayed here. All bids need to be finalised by 5pm on Friday 20th December.

The highest bid received at the close of bidding will be declared the winning bid. The bidder will be contacted by a Lakeside representative. If payment is not finalised within 48 hours, Lakeside will reserve the right to contact the next highest bidder, and so on. Because of the nature of the transaction, Lakeside cannot offer tax-deductibility for any portion of the amount paid for the quilt. All profits from the sale will go to the Christmas Blessing.

Thank you for partnering with us to bless these communities.

Place your bid here

  • Please make your bid at least $5 more than the previous bid.